About Us

The Cosa Nua experience

Hello and welcome to Cosa Nua Reflexology and Holistic Therapies. I am Michelle Boardman founder of Cosa Nua Reflexology and Holistic Therapies.  At Cosa Nua I am qualified to provide you with the best reflexology experience with accreditation from the following international and national professional bodies.


You can have the confidence with Cosa Nua that your treatment will be provided at the highest most professional standards in a comforting, relaxing environment. The comfort, welfare, values, and spiritual beliefs of the client is always my priority here. I have personally found reflexology to be of great benefit and success to me in relieving pain and discomfort when alternative medical treatments were of little benefit.

At Cosa Nua, I will explain to each client the way in which Reflexology works for the body as a whole. By using pressure points on the feet, that directly relate to corresponding parts of the body, this can aid the body in healing itself naturally. This may improve circulation, promote relaxation, and allow homeostasis (A natural state of equilibrium or balance).

Having members of my own family with chronic pain and illness, using pain management every single day, I have helped them to relieve their pain. We can aid the body to naturally ease pain and inflammation through the techniques of Reflexology, a holistic therapy suitable for all ages.

This is our ethos to help people, help people who are suffering from various ailments, and give them back a quality of life too. Reflexology offers wonderous whole body healing benefits. I know Reflexology has made a huge difference for both myself and the people in my life.  I have found it to be an amazing path of discovery and every day you learn something new and exciting.

Sometimes we walk the path of life that is just meant for us and how fitting is it that we do this through the soles of our feet, every step we walk is etched on the soles of our feet, every foot tells a story and we as Reflexologists are here to allow those stories be told. I have so many stories that have been told so far and I look forward to all the many stories yet to unfold.

Thank you for your interest in my business and I look forward to reading your story in the near future.

Always put your best foot forward, you never know where it may take you. Best regards Michelle.